LARK_ArabiansLtd_ArabianExpressions_Scottsdale_NYE2015_RandiClarkImage_AAD_8831From Judy and the entire Arabians LTD crew we would like to congratulate John and Deb Mitchell on their purchase of Lark RCA (Bellagio RCA x Star of Marajj)!

Thank you, Greg Knowles and the Arabian Expressions Team, for your faith in Bellagio RCA and now this special colt represents the genetic magic of the Egyptian-related horse.  John, Deb and Greg we will be cheering for you and Lark RCA, every step of the way.

Lark RCA pictured above. Shown below: Celebrating with John, Deb Mitchell, Judy Sirbasku, Todd Nelsen, Greg Knowles, Shawn Crews with Stephane and Mellisa Robillard, Tim Manring and Julie Durall.


Photo Credits to Randi Clark