Show Division

The Arabians Ltd. Show Division is a competitive, highly-sought after, international program. Head Trainer Luis Paniagua works closely with his team of grooms and General Manager Shawn Crews to give each horse in our show and training barns the best care possible. Some of today’s most famous Egyptian Arabian mares and stallions have spent time on our farm before heading out to contribute to the breeding programs of clients around the world. We value your trust in us and seek to earn it every day.

Head Trainer Luis Paniagua

Aside from excellence in training and showing, the ultimate comfort, health and attitude of your Arabian horse in training is the goal of every staff member at the Arabians Ltd. Show Division. We also believe that a horse has to be allowed to be a horse, even those in training and conditioning. The Arabians Ltd. Show Division is fully staffed 7 days a week in order for your horses to enjoy turn out each and every day of the year. For peace of mind and the well-being of the horse, the Arabians Ltd. Show Division also has 24-hour staffing. We have a night watch staff that arrives at 5 pm and is at the show barn, full time, all night ensuring the safety and health of your horses.

Groom Pete with a yearling Arabian filly

24-hour staffing allows us to maximize our feeding schedule with small amounts throughout the 24-hour period, a more natural way of feeding, again another option that Arabians Ltd. offers to help maximize your horse’s potential to achieve greatness in the show ring. Arabians Ltd. Show Division managing trainer Luis Paniagua also lives within a few minutes proximity to the farm and is on hand for any emergency that may take place over the nighttime hours

Groom Rafael at a horse show

Arabians Ltd. clients comment often that they’re so comfortable sending their cherished babies off to the Arabians Ltd. Show Division. Win, lose or draw, their babies are looked after, cherished and cared for at the highest levels every day of the year.  For those of you that love and value your youngsters, you can rest assured that they are cared for in the ultimate fashion at the Arabians Ltd. show division.

Arabians Ltd. Show Division team wins soccer championships

Videos & Photographs:

For horses that are boarded at Arabians Ltd. or kept in training at the Arabians Ltd. Show Division, photographs and videos are offered at a greatly reduced rate to assist those that send their horses to Arabians Ltd. for marketing purposes.  Our materials are state of the art and reflect the quality of individuals that we select for our training and marketing program.  To schedule your horse’s video and check rates, contact Tara Maus at Arabians Ltd.
Every year, our experienced team trains a select group of client horses and shows them in local, regional, and national shows, including the annual celebration of the Egyptian Arabian, the Egyptian Event in Lexington, KY.

Paladium (Mishaal HP x Amiri Jolie), Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion, with Shawn Crews, Greg Knowles and Luis Paniagua

Arabians Ltd. has been involved with this show since its inaugural year in 1981, and every year, our clients gather at the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park to cheer on the Arabians Ltd. group of horses. Some clients even show in the amateur class themselves, and our professional handlers prepare them to take their horse into the ring for months before.

Past Egyptian Event Results:

Each list represents the select show string of horses from our internationally-winning bloodlines chosen to train and compete with Arabians Ltd.’s professional staff.

2010 Egyptian Event Results

2009 Egyptian Event Results

2008 Egyptian Event Results

2007 Egyptian Event Results

2006 Egyptian Event Results

2005 Egyptian Event Results

2004 Egyptian Event Results






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