Arabians Ltd. is committed to being the leader in client services and education for the Arabian horse community. Our clients enjoy the following services for establishing or enhancing their business and breeding programs:

Biannual client-exclusive seminars

At least twice a year, Arabians Ltd. rolls out the red carpet for clients only. We open the farm for a weekend-long, in depth seminar on a relevant topic for our breeders, and we bring in experts from around the country to educate you!

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Business Planning

We have helped many breeders get their start in the business. Our experts can advise you in establishing your business and putting on the path you want to take.

Referral for Tax Information

Our longtime accountant offers a world of knowledge in using the tax laws governing horse breeding to your best advantage. Whatever your individual tax situation, our team can provide you with the advice you need.

Educational Materials

We offer an extensive library of research materials to help you become even better educated on your breeding business.

Breeding and Stallion Selection

Our experienced experts will help you choose the stallion who will best compliment your cherished mare.

Social Activities:

One thing we hear repeatedly from clients is that they love the community of people they join when they become part of the Arabians Ltd. family.

Mare Care

The mares who call Arabians Ltd. home, whether they belong to us or to our clients, receive the utmost in cutting-edge care and treatment throughout the conception, pregnancy, birth and foal-raising process. Our breeding manager, Stephane Robillard, is one of the best in North America, and our farm veterinarian brings a lifetime of expertise to his practice with all‚ of our horses. Stephane and his staff provides on-site, 24 hour monitoring of mares and foals to ensure that they are cared for with the best we can provide. Babies are foaled and immediately exposed to experienced, gentle human touch, enhancing the natural love for humans already possessed by Egyptian Arabians.


Show Division

The highly competitive training program at Arabians Ltd. exclusively serves our clients by evaluating their horses, expertly training them, providing them with the best of care, and nurturing them to their full potential. Our grooms, handlers and other staff carefully make recommendations based on your individual goals and the best fit for your horse.

If you are interested in showing as an amateur handler, our dedicated staff can also train you as we train your horse!