Mishaal HP

Ansata Sinan x Mesoudah M

Arabians Ltd. is pleased to introduce breeding to Mishaal HP via frozen semen. These breedings are available exclusively for mares in the US bred using the ICSI process, in conjunction with the program at Texas A&M. Please contact us for more information.

The proud grey stallion practically pranced off of the trailer, surveying his surroundings in a new country and climate. As he took in the sight of Arabians Ltd.’s show barn and the green pastures surrounding it, he excitedly asked to explore. Even after weeks in quarantine following his import from Germany, Mishaal arrived in Waco healthy and happy, ready to make the place his own.
The arrival of this undeniably gorgeous grey stallion was the culmination of a five-year, worldwide search for the perfect outcross match for our Thee Desperado-bred mares.
Mishaal HP was bred by Horst Preuss and came over from Germany in 2004 to take his place in the renowned Arabians LTD. stallion barn. His rare pedigree drew General Manager Shawn Crews to him, because when Shawn and owner Judy Sirbasku began looking for a stallion to bring new blood into the gene pool, they were searching for a stallion who carried either the blood of Ansata Sinan or the blood of Imperial Madheen.
In Mishaal, they found an incredibly rare combination of both bloodlines. He was sired by Reserve World Champion Stallion Ansata Sinan, and his mother, Mesoudah M, was a full sister to Imperial Madheen.

When Shawn arrived home from Germany with a video of Mishaal, the image on the tape made Judy’s heart leap, for his majesty and presence reminded her of the great champion Ruminaja Ali, and she knew he belonged at her farm.

Arrangements were made to lease him for 2 years to see if he really was as wonderful as he seemed. Since his arrival in early 2004, Mishaal proved himself to be everything we’d hoped for by producing babies who share his great size, long, straight legs, beautiful huge eyes,lovely little ears, very dished faces, and consistent movement and athleticism.

Mishaal was homozygous for the grey color gene, so it’s been wonderful to have a lighter color added to our pool of mostly dark babies. There was also no guessing as to what color his babies would be when they arrived! We were so pleased with the cross of Mishaal with our mares that in 2006, Judy and Jim purchased Mishaal from Mr. Preuss and offered lifetime breeding rights to their clients.

Frank Sponle of Germany helped immensely in finding and negotiating our eventual purchase of Mishaal, and he showed him to his Reserve Senior Champion ribbon at the 2007 Egyptian Event, Mishaal’s first time in the show ring!

In 2008, we began breeding Mishaal’s first American-born daughters back to Desperado and his sons. These crosses are the pinnacle of years of careful planning, research, and faith!


Mishaal HP
1996 Grey Stallion
Ansata Sinan Prince Fa Moniet TheEgyptianPrince
Fa Moniet
Ansata Nefara Ansata Halim Shah
Ansata Sudarra
Mesoudah M Messaoud Madkour
Madinah Ibn Galal
Mona II



Mishaal HP’s foals:


2013 Grey Colt
Mishaal HP x Nafilas Princess RCA
Madinah Moniet
Mishaal HP x Preciouss Secret by Thee Asil
Jamils Promise RCA
Mishaal HP x Pimlicos Promise
Magidaas Rose RCA
Mishaal HP x Belovedds Rose
DSA Baby Dhall

Mishaal HP x DSA Hey Baby by Thee Desperado
GOLD CHAMPION MARE at the 2018 Gulf Straight Egyptian Arabian Cup in Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Maali Masira RCA

Mishaal HP x Maali RCA
2008 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Filly
2011 Egyptian Event Champion Extended Specialty Mares 3 Year Olds
Owned by Nayla Hayek, Switzerland

Thee Scarlet Rose RCA
Mishaal HP x Thee Scarlet Lady
2009 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Filly
2011 Egyptian Event Champion Futurity Filly 2 Year Olds
2010 Egyptian Event Champion Futurity Yearling Filly
Owned by Mr. Osman Linjawi, Saudi Arabia
Saniyyah RCA
2005 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare
Mishaal HP x My Shooting Star by Thee Desperado
Israeli National Champion Filly, Egyptian Event Israel Junior Champion Filly
Owned by Ariela Arabians, Israel
Mishaal HP x Amiri Jolie
2006 Grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion
Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion
Owned by King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Center, Saudi Arabia

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