Mike Danos

Mike Danos of New Orleans, Louisiana, is making a mark on the Egyptian Arabian horse industry with his one-mare business!

Egyptian Arabian stallion Milagro TDA

Milagro TDA, Bellagio RCA x Lotus Sadiy by Thee Infidel, bred by Mike Danos and owned by El Gamil Stud, Egypt

Mike Danos became aware of Egyptian Arabian horses through a fellow New Orleans Police Department member, Mike Cimino, of Folsom, Louisiana. When Danos retired in 2000, he took a road trip to Georgia with his friend to deliver some horses, and on the long trip east, they talked about the horse business. Danos told Cimino in no uncertain terms, “I’m not doing it.” Despite this declaration, Mike hung around Cimino’s farm, Colthill Crescent, and watched his friend teach others about the business. It was a few years later when Danos retracted his words and told Cimino he wanted to become involved because he was interested in the business and the tax advantages it offered.

Egyptian Arabian stallion Milagro TDA with horse breeder and trainer

Mike Danos with Luis Paniagua and Milagro TDA (Bellagio RCA x Lotus Sadiy by Thee Infidel)

He traveled to the Egyptian Event, further educating himself, and chose to follow the Arabians Ltd. philosophy to buy the best mare you can afford and breed to the best stallions you can find. He chose his one and only mare, Lotus Sadiy (Thee Infidel x Lotus Wanisa), when she was just 4 months old. “I picked her because loved the way her head was shaped,” he shared.

Arabian breeders Goris and Mike Danos at EE

L-R: Darlene and Johnny Goris with Mike Danos at the Egyptian Event

Mike watched Lotus Sadiy grow up and, when she was 3, he sent her to Arabians Ltd. for show training and to be bred for the first time to Alixir, Mike’s favorite stallion. At the Egyptian Event a few months later, she was 3rd in her 3 Year Old Futurity Class, already in foal to Alixir!

Her first filly, born in 2006, was named Lotus Storm, and Mike sold her. Her second, 2007 fillyAlixirs Rhapsodiy, was also purchased. In 2009, Lotus Sadiy gave Mike another filly by Alixir. Her third foal, born in between these fillies, this time by the Alixir son Bellagio, was a beautiful bay colt born in 2008! While very few colts are great enough to go on to be marketed as future stallions, everyone agreed that Milagro TDA was special, and shortly before the 2010 Egyptian Event, they were proven right when El Gamil Stud of Egypt purchased him as a future herd sire! He was a Top Five World Class Colt for his new owners before heading to Egypt, where he was a Reserve Champion at the El Zahraa International Championships just a few months later against Arabians of all bloodlines!

Milagro TDA, Bellagio RCA x Lotus Sadiy

Milagro TDA with Frank Sponle at 2010 El Zahraa International Championships

Mike Cimino, who boards and cares for Danos’ horses at Colthill Crescent, has high praise for his friend. “He is, without a doubt, one of the finest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Not only is Mike an astute breeder but he is also a special supporter of the Colthill gang. He is always willing to lend a hand to help on any project that we have going on. After Hurricane Katrina, he spent countless hours helping clear the farm of downed trees as well as mending fences. Mike is a man who never allows himself to be more important than the people around him. He is a loyal friend and a cornerstone in the Colthill family. He is selfless and the best friend I could ever hope to have.”

Arabian Breeders Mike Danos and Judy Sirbasku

Mike Danos with Judy Sirbasku at Egyptian Event

Though he is a man of few words, the pride shines in Mike Danos’ eyes as he talks about his breeding program, and particularly that young stallion who now appears in ads and show photos from halfway across the world. His proudest accomplishment to date is breeding Milagro, and Mike says that every once in a while, he’ll see show results come into his email inbox from El Gamil, and he’ll sit back in his chair and marvel, “To think he used to be mine!”

Arabian Breeders Mike Danos and John Duzac EE

John Duzac and Mike Danos enjoy the Egyptian Event

Lotus Sadiy is expecting another Bellagio foal, a full sibling to Milagro, in May 2011, and everyone at Colthill has their fingers crossed for another stellar foal for Mike!


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