Judy Sirbasku, Owner

Arabians Ltd. owner, Judy Sirbasku, has devoted her life to the perpetuation of the Egyptian Arabian horse. When her late husband, entrepreneur Jim Sirbasku, invested in a small number of horses over 40 years ago, Judy discovered a passion and purpose that she has developed into the largest, most successful straight Egyptian Arabian farm in the world. He told her and their children about his new business over dinner one evening and Judy eagerly drove to the barn the next day to meet her family’s new horses, knowing immediately that she would be involved. “I was always afraid of horses until I met them. These horses are different,” she shares. “They love people. You go in the field with them, and they come and gather all around you! I was in love.”

Judy Sirbasku with beloved broodmare Rhapsody In Black

When Jim and Judy entered the world of horses, they had little knowledge of them, weren’t farm owners, and had never dreamed of becoming successful with horses on the international level. From the beginning, Judy realized that many others were captivated by their beauty, too, and she devoted her time to helping others understand the business and how they could be a part of it.
Over the next decades, with Jim’s support, Judy built one of the world’s largest and most successful Egyptian Arabian breeding programs. She realized early on that many others were captivated by their beauty and want to be involved with horses but don’t know how, and she created a big family for her clients to join, effectively adopting them into the business. She devoted her time to helping others understand the business and how they could be a part of it. Arabians Ltd. has become the leader in client services and has helped more of today’s successful breeders to get their start than any other farm in the world.

Judy with David Gardner, who sold Judy and Jim their first horses and later became their business partner

Judy’s skills for organization lend themselves especially well to the management of the many foals who are born on the farm each breeding season. She works closely with her staff to ensure that all horses on her farm get the best treatment available.

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