Makeda DB

Mishaal HP x Jamiil Baarrah
2009 Grey Mare

2016 Egyptian Event Gold Champion Senior Mare
2016 Scottsdale International Breeders Classic Straight Egyptian Senior Champion Mare

Makeda DB has been one of the most decorated straight Egyptian mares in the show ring.  Her list of wins includes Egyptian Event Gold Champion Mare, Scottsdale Champion Mare, and Egyptian Breeder’s Classic Champion Mare!  She is proving to be equally as successful in the breeding barn as in the show ring with stunning foals and winners like Thee Masada DB and Masoura DB. 


Makeda DB’s foals:

Mansoura DB, 2013 Black Mare (Thee Desperado x Makeda DB)

Thee Masada DB, 2014 Black Stallion (Thee Desperado x Makeda DB)

Minya DB, 2014 Grey Mare (The Sequel RCA x Makeda DB)
Congratulations to Patty & Eric Evans on their recent purchase of Minya!

Apollo DB, 2015 Grey Stallion (Bellagio RCA x Makeda DB)


Makeda DB
2009 Grey Mare
Mishaal HP Ansata Sinan Prince Fa Moniet
Ansata Nefara
Mesoudah M Messaoud
Jamiil Baarrah Alixir The Elixir
The Prevue
Bint Bint Daheda The Minstril
Ombre Rose AH