Omnia LNJ (Mishaal HP x Bellareena El Masr)

Joining the Linjawi Arabians Texas Division’s remarkable group of straight Egyptians is the filly that has been the “talk of the town,” Omnia LNJ, bred by Inga Applequist.

Omnia LNJ and her mother just arrived in Texas. For such a little one, she made a great trip from California. Omnia is simply an enchanting filly and no doubt will be groomed to contend for the Egyptian Event Junior Championship in 2013. Thank you to Osman and Yousef for the great pleasure of placing this filly with us, and to Inga for breeding her and sending Bellareena all the way to Texas so we could have the filly join us and the rest of the Linjawis’ precious Egyptian mares and fillies.

Arabians Ltd. is so proud to also be to be the resident farm for the Linjawi Arabians straight Egyptian breeding program, including these world-class mares and fillies:

Lola SIG

Lola SIG ( Mishaal HP x Thee Phoenixx by Thee Infidel)
2011 Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Mare
Bred by Eric and Stacey Mlak
Being bred this season by embryo transfer to Thee Desperado and ZT Marwteyn

Thee Scarlet Rose RCA

Thee Scarlet Rose RCA (Mishaal HP x Thee Scarlet Lady)
Bred by Arabians Ltd
2010 and 2011 Egyptian Event Futurity Champion
Being bred this season to Thee Desperado

DSA Baby Dhall

DSA Baby Dhall (Mishaal HP x DSA Hey Baby by Thee Desperado),
2012 Egyptian Event Contender
Bred by Jerel Kerby

True Barressa (Imperial Baarez x True Nirvana)
Arriving in Texas Fall 2012

JF Serena Jamillla (Imperial Baarez x JF Bint Serenada)
Being bred this season to Thee Desperado

NF Nawrah (Ansata Nile Nadir x Ansata Neoma)
Being bred this season to Thee Desperado

The Suarez Family, Yousef Linjawi, Judy Sirbasku, Lola SIG (Mishaal HP x Thee Phoenixx), Shawn Crews & Stacey MlakLola SIG at 2011 Egyptian Event

Mr. Linjawi’s son Yousef (above, next to Judy Sirbasku) works closely with Shawn on the management of all of his family’s horses and was able to celebrate Lola’s big win at the 2011 Egyptian Event with us!

Thank you to the Linjawis for trusting us with the care and management of your exquisite Egyptian Arabians!