For over 40 years, Arabians Ltd. has been breeding champion Egyptian Arabian horses and has been the leader in helping clients achieve their dreams with these captivating creatures. Owner Judy Sirbasku has made it her mission to share her passion for the Egyptian Arabian with others.

The success of Arabians Ltd. has never been measured by the numerous championships won in the show ring, the reputations of the stallions or the ownership of world renowned broodmares. Our true measure of success lies in providing educational services,hands on involvement, and social activities for our clients’ benefit.

Arabians Ltd. encourages guests and clients alike to take advantage of exclusive informational seminars and access to the most experienced experts in the industry. Arabians Ltd. has championed the concept of horse ownership for the novice by demonstrating a successful business model for the continued stewardship of the treasured Egyptian Arabian horse.

Our Mission

To preserve the ancient purity and traditional type of the Egyptian Arabian horse through knowledgeable, selective breeding, devoted care and public education.

Arabians Ltd. is committed to providing an outstanding level of personal attention, responsiveness, and educational services, thus creating a community conducive to mutual success and attainment of individual goals.

Paladium (Mishaal HP x Amiri Jolie), Egyptian Event Senior Champion Stallion, exported to Saudi Arabia (right)