Desperados Belle RCADesperados Belle

Thee Desperado x Maalis Rebecah RCA

2001 Bay Egyptian Arabian Mare

Desperados Belle RCA is the kind of mare that when you look out over the field, it does not matter if she is clean or dirty, clipped or unclipped, big and pregnant or with a new foal at her side, she catches your eye and always looks amazing. If she were a person, she would be one who smiles brightly when she meets you. She knows and loves her breeder Judy Sirbasku and is one of the few mares that will leave the herd to come to the fence to say hello. Her babies are just as friendly as she. The blood that produced Belle was part of a project that started for Judy so many years ago when she imported *Masira from Balbona Stud of Hungary. Judy’s partnership with Susan Watson as owners of The Elixir also played a role in producing this cherished mare. The great broodmare Maali RCA, *Masira’s daughter by Ruminaja Ali, was bred to The Elixir and produced Belle’s dam, Maalis Rebecah. And Rebecah was bred to Thee Desperado to produce our beloved Belle. Maalis Rebecah is one of the farm’s best filly producers, and as her first daughter, Belle seems to be competing with her dam for that reputation! All of this history is wrapped up in one mare, and a young mare of only ten years old at that. Belle is family. Judy has been her only owner, and has always been happy to share her foals to help others start at the top, but this is a mare that will always call Arabians Ltd. home and her owner Judy Sirbasku.

Desperados Belle RCA’s Foals

El Jamill RCAEl Jamill RCA, Pimlico RCA x Desperados Belle RCA, 2009 Bay Colt (left)Desperados Belle RCA’s foals, both fillies and colts, are exotic, with sculpted faces and beautiful bodies! We are particularly proud of her son El Jamill RCA, an Egyptian Event Top Ten EBC colt.

In 2012, Desperados Belle is expecting another Pimlico RCA foal via embryo transfer, and she will be bred to Mishaal HP for a second 2012 foal, her first by the majestic grey stallion.

We loved the way Belle has crossed with Pimlico RCA, so he sired her first 4 foals!

Bint Desperados Belle was her first foal by Pimlico RCA, a bay mare born in 2006, and she is now a broodmare for Arabians Ltd! Desperados Belle RCA is the proud mother of Pimlicos Belle RCA, a gorgeous, feminine 2008Pimlico RCA show filly with a long, fine neck, incredible legs and body, and a proud tail carriage. We were so thrilled with this little filly that we bred Belle back to Pimlico RCA, and she delivered an equally outstanding bay colt in 2009! El Jamill RCA was a Top Ten EBC Colt at the 2010 Egyptian Event!

Desperados Belle RCA gifted us with Jamillas Belle RCA, a big bay filly with an exotic, dished face in January 2010! She was purchased by new breeders Michael and Melonie Behan as a weanling, and as she is also an Egyptian Breeders Challenge-nominated filly, she will be shown jointly by the Behans and breeder Judy Sirbasku at the 2011 Egyptian Event.

In 2011, Desperados Belle RCA gifted us with a chestnut filly in January by Thee Asil, her first by him!

Desperados Belle RCA Pedigree
Desperados Belle RCA

2001 Bay Mare

Thee Desperado The Minstril Ruminaja Ali
AK Amiri Asmarr TheEgyptianPrince
Maalis Rebecah The Elixir Hi-Fashion Mareekh
Maali RCA Ruminaja Ali

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