Rhapsody In Black

Thee Desperado x Aliashahm RA
1994 Black Mare

Bint Lady Shaikh

Thee Desperado x HF Lady Shaikh
2002 Grey Mare

Asila RCA

Thee Asil x MB Pirouette
2002 Grey Mare

Imaaras Alixir

Alixir x Bint Imaara by Alidaar
2007 Grey Mare

KBF Starlight

Thee Desperado x MC Alexsis
2006 Bay Mare
Owned by Carolyn Busch

Helen Marie RCA

The Minstril x Princess Fariha
1995 Grey Mare

Desperados Belle RCA

Thee Desperado x Maalis Rebecah
* In Memory

Miss Maggie Mae

The Minstril x Bint Magidaa
* In Memory

Jamillas Belle RCA

Pimlico RCA x Desperados Belle RCA
2013 Egyptian Event Gold Jr. Champion Filly
Owned by Melonie & Michael Behan

Minstrils Kiss

The Minstril x Princess Salam
1995 Bay Mare

Serendipitys Lady

Thee Desperado x Thee Lucky Lady
2006 Bay Mare
Owned in partnership with the Serendipitys Lady Syndicate

The Egyptian Princess

Pimlico RCA x Min Mins Meesha
2005 Bay Mare

Il Bint Mona RCA

Thee Infidel x Princes Legacy
2003 Grey Mare

RSL Faith

Alixir x Rhapsody In Black
2001 Bay Mare
Full sister to Bellagio RCA

Fariha Magidaa

*Shahir IASB x AK Fariha
1998 Grey Mare

Belovedds Rose

Thee Desperado x Belovedd Infidel
* Reference Photo: Dam, Beloved Infidel

Minstrils Glory

The Minstril x Glorietta Zaarina
1991 Grey Mare

Abriel RCA

The Minstril x Aliashahm RA
* In Memory

U LiteUpMy Life

Thee Desperado x *Wanisa
1995 Grey Mare

Bint Al Riyahh

Thee Asil x Emperial Sparkle
Owned by Missy & Mary Scott Head

Mishaals Hafiza

Mishaal HP x RA Bint Hafiza
Owned by Mr. Ayad Thuwainy

Bint Faith RCA

Thee Desperado x RSL Faith
Owned by Mr. Ayad Thuwainy

Elisa RCA

Pimlico RCA x Thee Amirah by Thee Desperado
2007 Bay Mare

Mishaals Gift RCA

Mishaal HP x Alia Riyala
2005 Grey Mare

Nafilas Princess RCA

The Sequel RCA x Binte Nafila RCA
2009 Bay Mare

Alia Galal RCA

Alixir x Kiyasa RCA by Thee Desperado
Owned by Mr. Ayad Thuwainy

Scarlet Madinah RCA

Mishaal HP x Thee Scarlet Lady
2010 Grey Mare

Mishaals Kiss RCA

Mishaal HP x Minstrils Kiss
2007 Grey Mare

Pimlicos Lady RCA

Pimlico RCA x Bint Lady Shaikh
2006 Grey Mare

Safina RCA

Thee Desperado x MB Isheena
Owned by Mr. Ayad Thuwainy

Thee Scarlet Lady

Thee Desperado x Reckless Woman
Dam of multiple champions by Mishaal HP

Shahara Hanan RCA

The Sequel RCA x Bint Shahara
2008 Bay Mare

Monieta RCA

Thee Desperado x Il Bint Moniet
2008 Bay Mare

Kavetas Miracle RCA

Thee Desperado x Kaveta
Owned by Mr. Ayad Thuwainy

Sanaa El Mishaal RCA

Mishaal HP x Brieta RCA
2009 Grey Mare

Bint Asila RCA

The Sequel RCA x Asila RCA
* In Memory

Mishaala Belle RCA

Mishaal HP x Desperados Belle RCA
2012 Grey Mare
Owned by Mr. Ayad Thuwainy

Makeda DB

Mishaal HP x Jamiil Baarrah
2016 Egyptian Event Gold Champion Senior Mare
Owned by Virginia & Ruel Gober

Illa Fariha Magidaa

Bellagio RCA x Bint Fariha Magidaa
*In Memory

Dalia RCA

Mishaal HP x RA Esperanza
*In Memory

Lady Fa Moniet RCA

Mishaal HP x Thee Scarlet Lady
2011 Grey Mare

Bint Bint Asila RCA

Mishaal HP x Bint Asila RCA
2014 Grey Mare

Queen A Hearts RCA

Thee Desperado x Tanjara RCA
2005 Bay Mare

Amirah Gemaal DB

Bellagio RCA x Silkh SWA
2011 Bay Mare
Owned by Ruel & Virginia Gober

Bint Bint Fariha

Thee Desperado x Bint Fariha
2004 Grey Mare

Bint Belle Staar RCA

Mishaal HP x Liberty HG
2010 Grey Mare

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