Bint Faith RCA

Thee Desperado x RSL Faith
2009 Black Mare

The daughter of two exceptional individuals and a rare black Egyptian Arabian, first-time mom Bint Faith is already greatly prized in our herd!

Bint Faith RCA’s Foals

 2013 Grey Colt, Mishaal HP x Bint Faith RCA 

She gave us her first foal, a grey Mishaal HP colt, in January, and this youngster is a stunner!

Bint Faith RCA
2009 Black Mare
Thee Desperado The Minstril Ruminaja Ali
AK Amiri Asmarr TheEgyptianPrince
RSL Faith Alixir The Elixir
The Prevue
Rhapsody In Black Thee Desperado
Aliashahm RA