Arabian Foals of 2011

2011 Arabian Foals

July 24
Grey Colt
Mishaal HP x Miss Maggie Mae

The farm is happy to welcome the second foal of the year out of Egyptian Event Leading Dam of Champions Miss Maggie Mae! Born with the help of our on-farm embryo transfer program, this colt is a full brother to Mishaala Mae, who was exported to Egypt.

July 22
Grey Colt
Mishaal HP x RSL Faith

A welcome new addition to our herd, this colt out of Egyptian Event Champion RSL Faith!

July 13
Grey Filly
Thee Asil x Bint Lady Shaikh

We are just thrilled with this embryo transfer filly out of Bint Lady Shaikh, a beautiful mare with some of the rarest bloodlines on our farm.

July 4
Bay Filly
Bellagio RCA x U Liteupmy Life

A happy July 4th present for us! Our cherished mare U Liteupmy Life‘s first foal by Bellagio RCAwas born to an embryo transfer mare and she is a beauty!

July 2
Grey Filly
Mishaal HP x Asila RCA

We are excited to welcome this new filly to our breeding program, born via our on-farm embryo transfer program! Photos coming soon!

June 26
Chestnut Filly
Thee Desperado x Mishaals Gift RCA

New breeders Jim and Becky Noone have been eagerly awaiting the birth of their first foal, out of their leased mare Mishaals Gift RCA, and they were blessed with a wonderful chestnut filly!

June 22
Chestnut Filly
Thee Desperado x Juno RCA by Mishaal HP

Lisa Cifrese and Richard Geha bred their young show mare Juno RCA to Thee Desperado, and the cross produced an exciting new filly, born to an embryo transfer mare!

June 20
Chestnut Filly
Bellagio RCA x Serendipitys Lady

Last year, Jeff and Laurie Harwood of Columbia, Maryland leased Serendipitys Lady for her 2011 foal, the result is a chestnut filly by Bellagio RCA! The Harwoods found us through our affiliate farm Amethyst Acres, and we’re so proud that the Mare Lease Program has given them such a special filly!

June 17
Bay Filly
Bellagio RCA x Bint Aliashahm

Bellagio RCA does it again, siring another beautiful filly out of a mare from one of Judy’s all-time favorite lines. This filly is a full sister to EBC Champion Filly Oruba Alrabie RCA!

June 8
Grey Filly
Thee Desperado x Miss Maggie Mae


We are SO happy to welcome to the world this Miss Maggie Mae filly! Born via embryo transfer, this filly joins a long list of champions out of this world-famous mare. Congratulations to Mark and Nancy Ness, who bred this filly in partnership with Judy Sirbasku.

May 20
Grey Filly
Mishaal HP x Thee Scarlet Lady

Another gorgeous filly from this cross! This little one is a full sister to Champion Lady Mishaal RCA and Thee Scarlet Rose RCA, now owned by Mr. Osman Linjawi of Saudi Arabia!

May 18
Grey Filly
Mishaal HP x Bint Rhapsody InBlack

We were delighted to receive a feminine grey filly with a gorgeous head from this breeding! This filly was born via embryo transfer and promises to be something special!

April 30
Chestnut Filly
Thee Desperado x Faantasy by Mishaal HP

Arabian filly for sale chestnut Thee Desperado x Faantasy by Mishaal HP

A beautiful start to a breeding program for Christine Amerman McAlister and Garrett McAlister, Faantasy’s first foal is a flashy filly, combining a proven cross with a very rare tail female line! She’s feminine with a beautiful face, ears, movement, and a show-off attitude!

April 29
Bay Filly
Thee Desperado x Minstrils Kiss

On the day of the Royal Wedding, champion mare Minstrils Kiss gave us a royally bred filly, sired by the king of Egyptian Arabians, Thee Desperado!

April 23
Grey Filly
Mishaal HP x Thee Lady Desperado by Thee Desperado

Thee Lady Desperado, a mare bred by Zane and Eunice Stigall, has gifted them with another generation! Her first foal is a grey filly by Mishaal HP!

April 21
Bay Filly

Bellagio RCA x Bint Bint Farsa by Thee Asil

Arabian foal Bellagio RCA x Bint Bint Farsa 2011

Congratulations to Jeff and Lahoma Renegar, who bred this new filly! She is a 3/4 sister to Duaig Ibn Alixir (Alixir x Bint Bint Farsa), the black colt they recently sold to Spain!

April 15
Bay Filly

Bellagio RCA x Princessmiaminuet

This cross has given us another special filly! Princessmiaminuet ‘s 2010 foal, Mia Bella RCA, is a full sister to this filly and is now owned by El Gamil Stud in Egypt!

March 29

Grey Filly
Mishaal HP x Thee Kieshta by Thee Asil

We are excited for breeder Anne Marie Keri, who has a beautiful new Mishaal HP filly out of her striking mare Thee Kieshta!

March 24
Grey Filly

Thee Desperado x Minstrils Mona Lisa

Dennis and Roxanne Parks welcome this long awaited special filly resulting from the highly successful cross that has produced many champions. This huge, leggy long-necked filly with an extreme face is one to watch for in the future!

March 23
Grey Filly

Mishaal HP x The Prevue

We are thrilled to welcome a full sister to our broodmare and EBC Reserve Champion Mishaals Prevue RCA, out of our esteemed Arabian broodmare The Prevue. This new filly is a maternal sister to Alixir as well!

March 20
Grey Filly

Mishaal HP x DSA Hey Baby by Thee Desperado

Arabian foal Mishaal HP x DSA Hey Baby 2011

The first filly for Egyptian Event Champion DSA Hey Baby is a real knockout! Our congratulations to breeder Jerel Kerby on his special mare’s baby!

March 11
Grey Filly

Mishaal HP x Leah Gabbari by Thee Desperado

Melissa and Richard Stout are the proud breeders of their very first foal, a grey filly! What an exciting start to their business!

Grey Filly
Thee Infidel x Kamar Magidaa LDA by Mishaal HP

A stellar grey feminine filly was born to Dennis and Roxanne Parks’ Egyptian Event Top Five winning mare. This fancy, exotic filly is a rare combination of doubling the Magidaa mare family on both the sire and dam…..she is one of a kind!

February 24
Grey Filly

Mishaal HP x Desperados Lily RCA


We have been eagerly anticipating this first foal out of Desperados Lily RCA, a full sister to Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Mare BJ Thee Arabella, who was exported to the UAE!Desperados Lily RCA carries on the bloodline of her retired dam, Lily Langtry HG, so this little filly is very important to the future of our breeding program!

February 23
LL Mystic Ladye, Bay Filly

Thee Asil x Mystique LL by Mishaal HP


A stellar bay filly was born to Lyn Rogers’ young broodmare Mystique LL! With a great cross of bloodlines and a wonderful personality, she has a bright future ahead of her!

February 14
Grey Filly

Thee Desperado x Madinah Moniet by Mishaal HP


A gorgeous Arabian filly was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for John and Jeri Merryman, whose mare Madinah Moniet is a first-time mother!

February 1st
ISIS Bishaala, Grey Filly

Mishaal HP x LL Starsong by Pimlico RCA


Dennis and Roxanne Parks are thrilled with the first filly out of their Egyptian Event Top TenPimlico RCA daughter! This elegant filly has a gorgeous head and neck and is headed for the 2012 Egyptian Event Futurity!

January 29th
ISIS Bateenah, Grey Filly

Mishaal HP x Thee Kajaree

Egyptian Arabian foal Isis Bateenah, Mishaal HP x Thee Kajaree 2011

Dennis and Roxanne Parks welcome their first foal of the year, a feisty filly with a dishy face, balanced body and high tail carriage that make her a strong contender for the 2012 Egyptian Event Futurity class!

January 27th
Bay Filly

Thee Desperado x Bint Isheena RCA

Arabian-foal-2011-Bint Isheena


This is Bint Isheena RCA‘s very first foal, and she is an absolute doll!

January 19th
Grey Filly
Mishaal HP x Replica RCA

Replica RCA is taking after her dam, The Prevue, as a producer of consistently beautiful foals. Her 2011 filly by Mishaal HP proves this once again!

January 10th
Chestnut Filly

Thee Asil x Desperados Belle RCA

We are delighted with Desperados Belle RCA‘s first foal by Thee Asil! Both parents are champion producers and this little girl is striking!

January 1st
Grey Filly

Bellagio RCA x Thee Lotus Mazin by Thee Infidel

Congratulations to Dr. Matthew and Wendy Roberts on the birth of the FIRST foal out of their Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Mare, Thee Lotus Mazin! This beautiful filly has two champion parents!


Thee Scarlet Lady and Thee Scarlet Rose RCA, 2009 Mishaal HP filly sold to Saudi Arabia


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