Arabians Ltd. breeds the rare and valuable Egyptian Arabian horse. The Egyptian Arabian has a long, unique and storied history. It can trace 100% of its ancestry back to the ancient horses bred by the Bedouin tribes of Arabia. It is the breed of horse treasured by the likes of the biblical King Solomon, by ancient and present day sheikhs, and by royalty across the world. Today, less than 6000 straight Egyptian Arabians exist worldwide, and they represent only 3% of the entire Arabian breed at large. They are prized for their extreme rarity and beauty, which their guardians believe is unsurpassed in the equine world.

Arabians Ltd. is home to one of the finest broodmare bands of Egyptian Arabian horses anywhere in the world. Each mare was hand-chosen for her unique traits and has been charged with passing on her precious blood through her foals.

Within the Egyptian Arabian world, there exist a few elite horses who have set the standard for consistent beauty and winningness through the decades since the Egyptian Arabian has existed in the United States. The horses of Arabians Ltd. represent those elite in their pedigrees, and many of them still living are already considered legends.

One of our most famous residents was just one example among many whose stories Arabians Ltd. has helped to shape. He was Arabians Ltd.’s senior stallion, Thee DesperadoThee Desperado is the leading sire of Egyptian Arabian horses in the entire world, and spent his whole life as part of the Arabians Ltd. family.

New success stories and dreams are fulfilled every day through these, the finest Egyptian Arabians we’ve gathered from around the world.

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