2008 Arabian Foals

Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Amiri Jolie
Born 7/15

The last foal of the year for breeder Carolyn Busch, she’s a beauty!

Grey Filly, Thee Desperado x MB Isheena
Born 6/11

What a gift! This new filly is out of one of our lovely senior outcross mares.

Bay Filly, Bellagio RCA x Alia Kieshta RCA
Born 6/1

Grey Filly, Thee Desperado x Il Bint Moniet
Born 5/29

Grey Filly, Thee Desperado x Bint Gabbari
Born 5/25

A big welcome to Beth Hand’s new filly!

Grey Filly, Thee Desperado x The Lucky Lady
Born 5/25

We’re so happy for the Stigalls as they celebrate the birth of their beautiful big new filly!

Grey Filly, Pimlico RCA x Bint Bint Fariha
Born 5/8

Bob & Becky Ford welcome Bint Bint Fariha’s very first foal, an absolutely beautiful filly with an exotic face. She’s elegant, feminine, and a show-stopper.

Chestnut Filly, Thee Desperado x Princes Legacy
Born 5/8

A feminine, petite young filly with classic type and a great pedigree, this little girl has just the right amount of white to compliment her chestnut color.

Bay Filly, Thee Desperado x MinstrilsMonaLisa
Born 5/2



SOLD! Thee Fancy Desperiel, Black Filly, Thee Desperado x Abriel RCA
Born 4/21

We’re thrilled with Desperado’s second black filly this year!

Photo by Randi Clark.

Chestnut Filly, The Sequel RCA x The Dryad
Born 4/14

Longtime breeder Beth Hand is starting her foaling season wonderfully with a beautiful new Sequel filly out of her Minstril daughter!

Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Amiri Lilli
Born 4/13

We’re happy to announce that Carolyn Busch welcomes this lovely filly to her herd!

Viva La Vidas

SOLD! Viva La Vidaa, Bay Filly, Thee Desperado x Bint Dal Aziza
Born 4/11

This beautiful baby is a 3/4 sister to World Champion Stallion True Colours and is full of Arabian spirit!

Photo by Randi Clark.

Sabra Haadaya

Bay Filly, The Sequel RCA x Sabra Haadaya
Born 4/10

A huge congratulations to Carolyn Schiffer on the birth of her second beautiful filly this year!

Photo by Randi Clark.

Bay Filly, Pimlico RCA x Nordic Prinsesse
Born 3/28

Bay Filly, Pimlico RCA x Fayeks Rose RCA
Born 3/22

Bay Filly, Thee Asil x Il Bint Mona RCA
Born 3/19

Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Thee Phoenixx
Born 3/9

Stacey and Eric Mlak are the breeders of this beautiful young filly, Lola SIG, out of the 2004 Egyptian Event Junior Champion Filly and Reserve Supreme Champion Mare, Thee Phoenixx (Thee Infidel x Minstrils Mist).

Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x MA Lexlina
Born 2/25

Congratulations to breeders Ken and Donna Drake on the birth of their first foal out of MA Lexlina (Thee Desperado x Farralina)! What a filly, and what a pedigree! This stunning young girl is already light grey, with a beautiful extreme head, a balanced body, and a female line that includes Farres and Orashan! Her beauty represents exactly what you’d expect when you cross Mishaal with a Desperado daughter.

Grey Filly, Pimlico RCA x Madi Kara
Born 2/14

What a happy Valentine’s Day present for breeder Lyn Rogers out of her beautifully bred mare Madi Kara (Thee Desperado x Aliala)! Congratulations on this beautiful filly, who is black as night now, and will mature to be a striking steel grey, then dappled grey, before she turns white. Her smooth body, high tail-set, and extreme head with Pimlico’s dark, expressive eyes combine to make a knock-out show quality package!

Bay Filly, Pimlico RCA x Desperados Belle RCA
Born 2/11

This new filly is incredibly beautiful. She has a long, fine neck and looks just like her daddy. She’s all legs with a very correct body, and she keeps her tail flagged almost constantly.

Chestnut Filly, The Elixir x The Prevue
Born 2/11

It is with great excitement that we welcome this full sister to our beautiful, athletic stallion Alixir! She is a petite, elegant, and very feminine version of Alixir, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the Arabians Ltd. breeding program.

Chestnut Filly, Thee Asil x Rihana Nur
Born 2/8

Congratulations to Carolyn Schiffer on her first filly of the year, out of her Pimlico daughter Rihana Nur (x Bint Fariha)! This little one looks just like Asil and is very typey.

Bay Filly, Alixir x Magidaas Image
Born 2/7

A deep mahogany bay, this filly is the 5th her mother has produced in a row! She’s got an adorable white strip running down her face and is already a big girl. Her older full sister is going to be bred to Mishaal for the first time this year, a great example of our breeding program coming full circle. We’re so happy with this cross that we’re repeating it again for 2009.

SOLD! Juno RCA, Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Pimlicos Promise
Born 2/6

A short, dishy head, big dark eyes, pretty little ears–this filly looks just like Mishaal. She’s going grey very quickly so she really stands out in the foal barn.

Black Filly, Thee Desperado x RSL Faith
Born 2/2

Stunning is the word we use to describe this unbelievable new filly. Congratulations to breeders Jack and Annette Sheline, who used their lifetime breeding to Thee Desperado to breed their champion mare, RSL Faith, the oldest of the incredible Alixir x Rhapsody in Black cross. This makes Faith a full sister to Bellagio RCA! This filly is sure to be a true show-stopper, and we love her so much, we’ve purchased her from the Shelines to become a part of the Arabians Ltd. broodmare band!

Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Maali RCA
Born 1/21
What a precious gift this filly is! At the age of 21, Maali RCA is the only living daughter of Ruminaja Ali we own. The cross of her blood with Mishaal’s produces extremely well; this new little one is a full sister to gorgeous young stallion Mishaali RCA.

LL Sirocco
Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Replica RCA
Born 1/20
WOW–Replica RCA (Thee Desperado x The Prevue, dam of Alixir) proved to be a wonderful match for Mishaal. This filly has an incredibly beautiful face, especially for a little one, and we can’t wait to see how she develops as she grows up!

Stuart Vesty photo.

Bay Filly, The Sequel RCA x Bint Shahara
Born 1/20
A full, bay sister to 2007 Egyptian Event Top 5 World Class Filly and Amateur Halter Filly, the grey Shaharas Sequel RCA, this girl is very fancy.

Grey Filly, Mishaal HP x Brieta RCA
Born 1/19
This filly is a lovely, petite little girl with an extreme face and beautiful, large black eyes. Out of a daughter of Thee Infidel and a sired by Mishaal HP, this filly possesses a unique mix of both American and European bloodlines.

Bay Filly, Pimlico RCA x Maisa El Saghira
Born 1/13

Maisa’s new filly is balanced with a high-set tail, a tiny, delicate little face and ears, and expressive, beautiful eyes. We’re so pleased with this cross that Maisa El Saghira is being bred back to Pimlico for her 2009 foal.

LL Sirocco
SOLD! Oruba Alrabie, Bay Filly, Bellagio RCA x Bint Aliashahm
Born 1/9
This filly from Bellagio’s second foal crop is EBC nominated for next year’s Egyptian Event! She is quite the eye-catcher and is closely related to the powerful family of Aliashahm, one of the farm’s foundation mares, and to her sire, Ruminaja Ali. She’ll be made available to a special person who wants to give her the chance to shine in the show ring at the 2009 Egyptian Event!

Stuart Vesty photo.

SOLD! Imdalas Sequel, Bay Filly, The Sequel RCA x Imdala RCA
Born 1/4
The Sequel’s EBC entry for next year’s Egyptian Event, our first filly of the year follows in the hoofprints of her yearling brother, who’s one of the fanciest colts born to us in 2007. This filly is show quality and is a cross of the best of Thee Desperado and Imperial Imdal bloodlines.