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Come See How Egyptian Arabians Can Enrich Your Life!

April 26, 2014, 1pm-4pm, Waco, TX

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During the day, you will learn about the incredible Egyptian Arabian horse. Specifically:

  • Why Egyptian Arabians are rare, beautiful and sought after around the world
  • How you can build a business around them
  • Why Egyptian Arabians are the most profitable segment of the Arabian breeding business
  • How Arabians Ltd. can improve your existing breeding program
  • How to run your business with low overhead and higher returns
  • Why more of today’s most successful Egyptian Arabian breeders got their start at Arabians Ltd. than any other farm
  • How you can breed these horses without owning a farm

Meeting Egyptian Arabians


Treat yourself to a day in the country and learn how you can apply good business principles to a passion for these amazing horses!


Meeting Egyptian Arabians at a Conference












  • Meet industry experts
  • Experience these unique, friendly animals up close
  • Have a relaxing, enjoyable and educational day in a beautiful horse farm setting
  • See the world-famous stallions of Arabians Ltd. in person!

Al Kahar Louise
Complimentary catered breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be served! Registration requested as space is limited!

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John and Vicki DuzacWhat people say about the Farm Conference:

“What a GREAT first time visit to Arabians LTD!! I was looking forward to meeting the horses and I am ALWAYS impressed with how inviting the team is there. It would be amazing and wonderful to be a part of such a great family of people. Your willingness to share your tips of the trade is quite amazing in this day and time. I had the honor to sit with you all at the Egyptian Event and was made to feel like a part of the group!! May God Bless All of You and I hope to be around each of you more and more!!”


“It was such a pleasure to be able to attend your seminar. The seminar was not only informative about the business aspect but we also got to meet some wonderful Egyptian Arabian horse lovers. We would love to attend the next seminar and further our knowledge of the Egyptian Arabian Horse world which you share so graciously.”

-Jim and Christine

“Thank you again for letting us be part of your family.We had a wonderful time visiting the farm last weekend, and felt at home with everyone we met! Thanks Shawn for being such a gracious hostess! LOVED loved loved walking around the mares pasture and hearing a personal history about each one! Rhapsody in Black is just amazing! We look forward to seeing you all again!”

-Jeff and Laurie

“The Farm Conference was an amazing experience for my husband and I. The presentations and facilities were excellent and we appreciated the time looking at and meeting some of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. Your team is amazing and we look forward to getting to know you all. What a first class operation!”

-Jamie and Dinah