The Sequel RCA - Egyptian Arabians - Arabians Ltd.

Thee Desperado x La Marsala

2003 Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion
2005 Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion

December 2014 Arabian Horse World Cover Horse!1015-15-4112

Shawn Crews was unarguably Thee Desperado‘s biggest fan, and by her own admission, knew every hair on the great stallion’s body. Occasionally, she will glance across the large Arabians Ltd. stallion pasture and blink suddenly, thinking for an instant that she’s looking at a young Thee Desperado. Shocked, she realizes she’s looking at his rising son, The Sequel RCA. He bears his father’s extreme face and huge eyes that are so dark, they look liquid. Sequel exhibits stunning movement, and so do his foals. He has high action and loves to show off with a lot of “blow and snort.” Despite his tendency to show off, he still displays a good nature.


Bred by Desperado’s breeders, Tom and Martha Salome, The Sequel is the result of a rare breeding choice, one that is only made by well-informed, educated breeders– the pairing of full brother to full sister. The Arabians Ltd. staff had never tried this before, nor owned a horse that was the result of such a breeding, but Shawn remembered that TheEgyptianPrince, who was a wildly successful sire for Arabians Ltd.’s bloodlines, was the outcome of this type of mating. Sequel carries his father’s proud, celebrity carriage and demands attention when he’s put in the center ring.

The Sequel RCA 2014

The Sequel RCA bay egyptian arabian stallion

In 2006, he was named the Egyptian Event Reserve Supreme Champion Stallion. His foals are showing great prowess in the show ring like their sire, and they’re generating interest from literally all over the world.

The Sequel RCA bay stallion


The Sequel RCA offers the chance to breed to a stallion who is, by blood, “more Desperado than Desperado himself!” We are particularly happy with the cross of The Sequel and Mishaal HP daughters!

The Sequel RCA bay stallion

The Sequel RCA bay stallion

The Sequel RCA Arabian Horse World Cover

The Sequel RCA
The Sequel RCA
2002 Bay Stallion
Thee Desperado The Minstril Ruminaja Ali
Ak Amiri Asmarr TheEgyptianPrince
La Marsala The Minstril Ruminaja Ali
AK Amiri Asmarr TheEgyptianPrince

The Sequel RCA’s Foals

Stardust TA 2014 Sequel Filly

2014 Chestnut Filly
The Sequel RCA x Stardust TA by Mishaal HP

Minya DB close up

Minya DB
2014 Grey Filly
The Sequel RCA x Makeda DB by Mishaal HP

2013 Grey Filly
The Sequel RCA x Juno RCA by Mishaal HP

Gaia TF Gaia TF
Gaia TF
The Sequel RCA x Juno RCA by Mishaal HP
2014 Egyptian Event Silver Junior Champion Filly

honey The Sequel RCA x Jama Savannah by Mishaal HP

Chestnut Filly
The Sequel RCA x Jama Savannah by Mishaal HP

Merida RCA
Merida RCA
The Sequel RCA x Mishaals Gift RCA

Shaharas Sequel
2006 Grey Mare
The Sequel RCA x Bint Shahara
Egyptian Event Champion Mare

Armando RCA
2008 Bay Colt
The Sequel RCA x Minstrils Kiss
2009 Egyptian Event EBC Reserve Champion Colt

Thee Epitome RCA 2013

Thee Epitome RCA
2007 Bay Colt
The Sequel RCA x Imdala RCA
2008 Egyptian Event Champion, World Class 1-Year-Old Colts
2009 Egyptian Event Reserve Champion, World Class 2-Year-Old Colts
Now owned by Moustafa El Masry, Egypt

Truly Sequel RCA

Truly Sequel RCA
Chestnut Filly
The Sequel RCA x Asila RCA

Breeding Information: To learn more about The Sequel RCA or to see his newest foals, please contact us.