Staff - Egyptian Arabians - Arabians Ltd.

Arabians Ltd. has assembled a team of experts in all aspects of caring for, breeding, training, showing and marketing our clients’ Egyptian Arabians. We have many decades of combined experience with horses and are always available to answer questions and help you get the most out of your business! The Arabians Ltd. staff is comprised of the hardest-working, most dedicated crew to be found!

Owner Judy Sirbasku with General Manager Shawn Crews

Owner Judy Sirbasku with Shawn Crews, right


Judy Sirbasku – Owner :

Read Judy’s bio here!

Shawn Crews – General Manager

Shawn Crews has spent her entire career with Egyptian Arabian horses and Judy Sirbasku. Her love for the horses fuels her drive to manage the day-to-day intricacies of the largest Egyptian Arabian farm in the country with a focus on the big picture of the farm’s international image. Shawn is involved with every aspect of the farm, from marketing to training and showing, helping Judy choose breedings and working with newcomers to help them find their perfect horse. She is known for being a great horse and human “matchmaker!”

Stephane and Mellisa Robillard

Stephane Robillard– Farm and Breeding Manager

Our resident breeding expert, Stephane oversees the busy Mare Care barn and has pioneered our embryo transfer program, among many other things! To learn more about Stephane, read his full bio.

Mellisa Robillard, Stallion Book Manager

The multi-talented Mellisa manages our stallions’ busy stud books, interfaces with clients, schedules shipping, and is our resident event planner extraordinaire! She has a work ethic rivaled by few and her knowledge base extends to most of the services offered by Arabians Ltd.! She’s an absolute asset to our farm.

Jenna Johnson, Veterinary Technician

Jenna was born and raised in Connecticut and majored in Animal Science at the University of Vermont. She was an active member of the Equine Program and Equestrian Team. After finishing her degree, Jenna went on to work as Breeding Manager at some of the leading breeding farms in the Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred Industries. Jenna has also spent time working in the Colorado State University Equine Reproduction Lab and at the top Embryo Transfer programs in Brazil. Jenna brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the Arabians Ltd. Team. She has that rare combination of medical expertise and a soft nature with the horses. We are extremely fortunate to have this kind of talent with us!

Chris Bloodgood and Tara Maus

Tara Maus, Client Services

Tara Maus is a multi-tasking maven! She serves as a coordinator for Shawn and organizes many of the farm’s events! She’s also involved in marketing and keeping up with the farm’s extensive media library and IT needs.

Chris Bloodgood, Video Services

Chris is a whiz with both the video and the still camera, capturing our horses at their best for archival and marketing purposes!

Infinity RCA

Luis Paniagua, Head Trainer

Longtime employee Luis Paniagua earned his place as head trainer with a combination of hard work and sheer talent. Starting as a groom, Luis learned every aspect of training and showing while proving that he had the tenacity to handle some of the world’s most famous stallions and show them to wins in at national shows! He does it all and manages what we believe is the best show team in the industry; these guys work tirelessly and love the horses!

Infinity RCA Adam Schwalm Western Pleasure Champions

Adam Schwalm

Adam Schwalm, Marketing Director

Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Adam grew up owning and showing Arabians. An active member of Region 9, a Regional Champion and US National Top Ten Rider, Adam was awarded the Region 9 Male Exhibitor of the Year Award. Adam graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech University, earning his degree in Animal Science. While at Texas Tech, Adam participated in horse judging and was a member of the National Champion Stock Horse Team. From his years of experience in the industry, Adam is well-versed in many different disciplines and aspects of the horse business. Most recently, Adam trained and showed our stallion, Infinity RCA, to Egyptian Event wins in Western Pleasure at their first show together.

Adam leads our marketing division. His knowledge of the Arabian horse, attention to detail, follow-up and innovative marketing ideas give Arabians Ltd. and our clients an edge in horse markets across the country.

Robin Campbell

Robin Campbell, Receptionist

Robin is a delightful first contact for many people; keeping the organization quotient at Arabians Ltd. high!