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Mystify HG

The Minstril x Alisa SG by Ruminaja Ali

A lovely, refined mare who produces champion babies, Mystify HG is a triple Ruminaja Ali granddaughter; a genetic treasure! The dam of multiple Egyptian Event Champion mare DSA Hey Baby (by Thee Desperado), she reliably passes on her quality to her foals. The opportunity to own Mystify HG could change an Egyptian Arabian breeding program forever.

Mystify HG

Mystify produced her latest foal in June of 2015 out of ZT Magnanimus, a handsome grey colt.

Mystify HG Pedigree
Mystify HG
1994 Grey Mare
The Minstril Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
*Bahila Ibn Galal I
Alisa SG Ruminaja Ali Shaikh Al Badi
Bint Magidaa
*Wanisa Hansan
Bint Omayma